Effect of cryoprotectants on camel oocytes Vitrification

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1 Zoology and Entomology Department, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University (Girls).

2 Animal and Poultry Production Division, Desert Research Center, 11753, Cairo, Egypt.


The objective of this study was to show how two cryoprotectants affect the vitrification rate in immature camel oocytes when used in a separate or a mixed form. As a result, their ability to mature after being warmed was recorded. The cumulus oocytes complexes (COCs) were divided into four groups, control; EG (30 percent ethylene glycol) in vitrification solution (VS); DMSO (30 percent dimethyl sulfoxide); MIX (15 percent EG + 15 percent DMSO) in vitrification solution (VS). COCs were impeded in equilibration solution (ES) for 2 minutes before being transferred to a vitrification solution containing 30% cryoprotecting agent (EG, DMSO, or MIX), 20% FBS, and 0.5 M sucrose in the medium in each vitrification group. Oocytes were put into the open pulled straw (OPS) and subsequently frozen for one hour in liquid nitrogen (LN2). The oocytes were then thawed and warmed for 2.5 minutes at 37°C in four warming solutions (WS) containing varying amounts of sucrose. The findings revealed that the oocyte maturation rate was high. In comparison, DMSO treatment had a better recovery rate, viability, and more negligible damage effect than EG and MIX.


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