VORR: A New Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm

Document Type : Original Article


Department of Mathematics, Division of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University (Girls Branch), Cairo, Egypt.


Task scheduling on resources is critical for improving the performance of real-time systems. Enormous efforts have recently and rapidlybeen proposed by many researchers with improvements in various accessible algorithms of the task scheduling process. Each improvement contributes to the optimization of the system act. The field of enhancing CPU scheduling algorithms (such as the Round Robin algorithm RR) is still open. The Round Robin scheduling has many negatives, such as high waiting time, high turnaround time, or a high number of context switches. Such negatives affect the performance of the algorithm badly. This paper discusses a new approach named, VORR (Variant On Round Robin), which is one of the improvements and enhancements to the Round Robin scheduling algorithm. It effectively exploits the CPU by setting up an effective time quantum based on the median of burst times. The experimental results have demonstrated the worth of the proposed approach in comparison with the traditional Round Robin scheduling algorithm and its recent editions in terms of average waiting time, average turnaround time, and number of context switches. Also, it enhances the response time for some RR algorithms.


Main Subjects

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