Modeling of the dynamics adsorption of some hazardous elements from aqueous solution onto bentonite-calcium-alginate beads

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1 Chemistry.Faculty of Science.Al-Azhar University

2 Faculty of Science(girls)-Al-Azhar University

3 Hot Lab Centre-Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority

4 Hot Lab Centre-Egyption Atomic Energy Authority


Encapsulation of bentonite-Ca-alginate was employed for discharge of Cs+, Sr2+, UO22+ and Co2+ from aquatic solution. Preferable pH for elimination of these ions was 5.5. For radiation stability, bentonite-Ca-alginate was investigated; a 60Co source was used to expose it to gamma radiation. Data obtained from (FT-IR) assessed radiation-induced effect on a stability of bentonite-Ca-alginate. Irradiated samples untill 100 kGy do not impair an absorption of an ions examined. In a column application, bentonite-Ca-alginate composite beads were examined for the discharge of these ions from multicomponent solution using fixed-bed column. Effect on column output of various parameters, like bed height, flow rate and initial inlet concentration were investigated. The column performance was 49, 46, 47 and 46.6% for Cs+, Sr2+, UO22+ and Co2+, respectively at flow rate of 0.5mL/min, 3cm bed depth and initial metal concentration, 50mg/L for each element. Thomas and Yoon-Nelson models identified a breakthrough curves, which successfully predict breakthrough adsorption curves.


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